Springs Deals! Prepay 3-Months and Save

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$420.00 $299.99

Sign up for Full Service pool cleaning, with weekly visits in Flower Mound, Highland Villages or Surrounding Towns. Prepay for 3 months at $299.99 and Save $120.



Full Weekly Pool Service (residential only)

Our full pool service plans start at only . Netting and vacuuming are included.

What We Do

  • We put your pool on our 23 point pool maintenance program (see below)
  • We test your pool water and provide and apply pool minerals and chemicals to keep your pool water in optimum condition
  • We empty your pool skimmer and pump baskets
  • We backwash your filter on regular basis
  • We clean your automatic pool cleaner (bag / filter)
  • We clean your pool sweep wall screen
  • We verify your automatic pool cleaner operation
  • We brush your pool (walls / tile / steps)
  • We check your pool equipment
  • We net your pool
  • We vacuum your pool
  • We keep your pool water healthy and treat any algae that might arise per our “No Algae” guarantee
  • We help you monitor your pool operations by reporting any observations of swimming pool issues

What You Do

  • Maintain proper water level
  • Keep the pool equipment operating and approve repairs when needed
  • Report any observations of swimming pool issues

Required filter cleanings every 3-4/months

There might be additional startup charges for initial cleaning & treatment.


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